Looking for a new home theater AVR that can drive 4ohm load. 9 ch. Budget 3k. NAD T778 came highly recommended. Need advice. Thanks 
That would be my take as well.  Look for a multi channel amp to drive as many speakers as possible, and use a budget pre AVR as a pre amp (and possibly to drive rear or ceiling speakers).  Then upgrade as funds allow
What if I wanted just one box solution ? Is there a worthy AVR that can drive heavy loads ? What about anthem ?
Yes Anthem would be a good choice.
The NAD T777v3 or the T778 will provide plenty of grunt to drive most HT rigs in most rooms.

I am also looking at the Nad 778, I currently have separates now and want to downsize to a good AVR like the Nad and get rid of additional cabling like the XLR 's and get a cleaner look don't need all the power for a couple of surrounds still at 5.1 I may go with the receiver and a 2 channel amp for music. Which would be less wiring and less space then 5 channel. Just my 2 cents
I already ordered it. 2 month wait! I think it’s the coolest AVR out there at the moment