NAD T775 vs Rotel RSX-1560

I'm considering the purchase of a NAD T775 receiver. I have listened to many receivers and have narrowed my choices down to the NAD T775 and the Rotel SX-1560. I listen to more music than movies, but it's close 60/40 split. My music taste is everything from Bach to Rock, but mostly classic rock, and blues. I listen to a lot of SACD material. I have listened to both receivers, and I am leaning towards the NAD because it just sounds so 3 dimensional with music. Any advice will be appreciated. I will be connecting it to the following equipment (don't laugh at my speakers too much - I just love the sound of the Def Tech's):

- Definitive Technology BP7004 main speakers (each has internal powered sub)
- Definitive Technology C/L/R 2300 (center with internal powered sub)
- Definitive Technology BP2X rears
- Paradigm powered sub
- Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai DVD, SACD, DVD Audio Player
- Panasonic DMP-BD55 Blue Ray
- Furman Elite-15i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner
and I am leaning towards the NAD because it just sounds so 3 dimensional with music

With that being said, I would think that you have pretty much narrowed it down on which one to get. I didnt read a comment about what you thought about the Rotel.
I thought I read on the NAD website FAQS that the T775 have like 5 fans and they are consider noisy? I don't know that on-hand - I'm in hunt for a new AVR and I'm considering ARCAM AVR350..... Good Luck... I'm looking at the the Def Tech speakers myself - how do you like them, any issue or are you completely satisfied....
I love the Def Tech's. I've had them for approx 20 months, and have nothing but positive comments. The Def Techs provide great imaging, and perform great on music and movies. I wasn't a fan of the built in sub concept, until I actually heard them. They sound amazing. If you are going for a music/theater speaker, I don't think you can beat them with even a greater priced speaker. If you are going for music only, I might consider something different like Dali, although I'm not so sure I wouldn't stick with the Def Tech's. Dali speakers sound wonderful on music. Regarding the fans, I'll let you know. As Riley804 observed in my comments, I've decided to go with the NAD. I guess I just needed reassurance for some crazy reason - Thanks Riley! I'll get back to you regarding the fans. I should have my NAD in a few days. Thanks for the feedback.
Regarding fan noise: I can't hear it unless I put my ear directly on top of the unit. In other words, I can't hear it. I'm very pleased with the unit. I also ended up buying a NAD T535 Universal DVD player - plays DVD, CD, DVD Audio, SACD, DIVX, etc. It sounds great. I have a collection of DVD Audo and SACD's and the units sounded wonderful right out of the box.
Just my opinion but having owned and currently own both NAD and Rotel equipment, they are so very close in quality, sound, and performance, it's difficult to make an accurate judgement as to which brand to go with. My guess is that most folks go with one or the other from sheer brand loyalty and what they can afford at the time of their purchase. NAD AVRs seem to me to be a bit overpriced. I'm a convert from NAD to Rotel and let me tell you. Rotel rocks !! It handles jazz, classical, rock 'n roll, class rock, blues, etc just fine. I have two powered sub woofers that help it along and I'm so glad I made that move recently. It truly helps to properly load and balance LFEs in the listening room. I've got Van Morrison's Healing Game on right now and it's like he's here in the room with his band !! Can't go wrong with Rotel which may just be a bit more affordable in this case. Not sure about list pricing. Are their prices comparable?
You are so right. Both Rotel and NAD sound great, and you can't go wrong with either one. It's so common now for some people think there is only one good product out there - the one they have. I appreciate your honest feedback about the quality of both and your fondness for your Rotel. I'll tell ya, my friend has Rotel, and it sounds great. Regarding the prices of NAD and Rotel -their prices are close, but the NAD was a bit more. I ended up going with the NAD and here is why: I like having the option for Audyssey auto setup and calibration (weather I use it or not), and most of all I appreciate the ability to upgrade to new formats later utilizing the NAD modular design. I am very pleased with the NAD - I hear sounds coming from areas in the room where there are no speakers! The imaging is fantastic. The sound is very natural and 3 dimensional. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your Rotel!
Thanks for the great feedback. Wow, nice purchase. Can I ask what you paid for the T775? Powerful unit.
Sorry it took me so long to reply... I paid $2100.00 for the T775.
Rotel has better options for speakers like tone controls for all surrounds, better bass mgmt aswell. I went with Rotel over NAD as it had more adjustments, as far as sonics neither is worlds away from the other so it boils down to features and even looks.