NAD T761 or Denon AVR 3802 ?


I am looking forward to buying an A/V receiver. I will use it a lot listenning to music for most of the time and will use it to watch DVD accationally.

What seems to be a better choice for me? I like NAD for the music (based on my old 304 amp), but have no idea about A/V capability. I know nothing about Denon, except that lots of people use them and they seem to have good reviews.

How does the music sounds from 3802 compared to 761?

Are there any other choices in the same price range I should consider?

Thanks a lot for any input,

You should look at the outlaw 1050. It is a very good choice for music only listening. Add a quality 2 or 3 channel amp and you are set. Much less expensive than the 3802.

I have a 3801. Picked it over the 760 nad for home theater because 7.1 and reviews (i have a very nice 2 channel system in a private room for music). I must say it is weak on music (i also have an old 3020 nad from my college days) but it does not miss a beat on home theater. Reviews of the nad showed it slugish on ht. If i had to do it over again i might go for the new is probably a better blend of music and ht. i would not hesitate to p/u a used 3801 or 2 for a will be pleased with its ht ability.


I set my brother up with a T761 for his 2 channel main system/home theatre and it sounds pretty good. He is using Vandy 1b's and a Toshiba DVD player with Audioquest I/C's and Linn silver cable. I don't know anything about the Denon line though...

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I have the 3802 and I must tell you that it is a great reciever in my opinion.My system is a 7.1 surround sound theater driving Boston Acoustic speakers.I have always been a big movie guy and for the price this reciever tops them all for home theater applications.The things you can do with this reciever are truly great.But for music only I would suggest looking into a amp/pre amp set up the 3802 is really geared for home theater.Although if you do decide to go with the Denon I think your DVD collection will grow and you will get hooked on home theater as I am. Good Luck and do your self a favor and do alot of research.