NAD T752/T753/T763 ?

Hi everyone,

Still quite confused on buying one of the following nad receivers (T752/T753 or T763).
I presently have a sony dvd player (will upgrade to a denon or nad), a 32" sony wega TV and my speakers are: Paradigm monitor 9's, Ps-800 sub, Titans as rears and the CC-370 as a center.

Can someone please help me make the right choice ?

Thanks for all your help ;-)
I can't fairly help you make your choice, because I'm selling my T752.
But I'm selling only because I'm switching from HT to stereo and I don't wanna just have those 3 channels of power go to waste. I'm definitely considering a NAD 2 channel amp, though. I think the bang/buck ratio is high.

Don't know anything about those other models, though.
I'm not sure you're gaining anything with a Denon or NAD dvd as an upgrade. You can get a Sony DVP 7700 used for about $275 that will be compeitive if not better than anything but the expensive flagship models from either of thoses companies. If you really want to upgrade your DVD/CD player buy the Arcam DV-78, it's in another league from those mentioned.
Did you really like your nad receiver? Any problems? What about the power?

Litsa ;-)
I had a NAD T770. Not much for whistles and bells but the sound was excellent. Went w/ seperates but I though the sound quality of the NAD was very good.