NAD T752 owner, looking for right power amp

I'm pretty happy with my receiver but I feel I am not driving my Totem Arros to it's potential in 2 channel use. Don't get me wrong the NAD sounds very good much better than most HT receivers in it's class and can keep up with mid priced integrateds. But, the NAD receiver still lacks the full 3d soundstage of a dedicated amp. I'm looking on Ebay and thinking of using the pre outs to match with NAD 214, Bryston 2BLP, Rotel 1050...any other suggestions?
How about the Nad C270? Seems like it would be a good match for the T752.
Aren't the Arros power hogs? Don't get me wrong, they sound amazing. Just keep in mind that you don't want to skimp on power. Double the wattage gets you a 3db increase. 10db=double the volume
Thanks for tips guys. Totems are rated at 4ohms with 80watt max power. I considered NAD C270 also, but thought maybe would be over my budget ($300-$400) for power amp plus C270 is rated at 120/watt per that overkill? I'm kinda new to this hifi stuff so would appreciate the tips.
I am not affiliated with the sale at all, but you would be unbelievably well served with the Carver A 705X 5 channel amp for sale here right now.