NAD T585 as audio player

The nice deal offered on audiogon is no secret to anyone I guess. I am looking to upgrade my digital source, and I am considering this unit for 500 bucks. Does anyone have any experience with this as a two channel player in a decent system? I will not be using the video part at all, this will be for redbook CD's. The SACD and DVD-A capability is a nice add-on that may come in handy in the future, but right now it will not get much use.
Anyone who used it, please chime in. It would be used with a Quad 99 pre - 909 amp combo, and a pair of Soliloquy 5.3 speakers for now, speakers to be changed in the near future.
At this price the other options would be buying the newest NAD CD player or continuing to hunt for bargains for something else (you can insert your suggestions here...) I like the NAD sound, seemed warm and full bodied in other low end players, I don't know how much of the 2 channel audio may have been sacrificed in this one to include all the other functions.
Thank you for any advice.
I own one and like it very much. Some of my friends are amazed at the sound it puts out. A very good buy. I also do not use it for video.