Nad t187 v. Onkyo integra 5508/80.803

Any compare these two. The integra seems to get all the hype but historically nad would seem to have the edge sonically altough thatmis reputation only
I bought the Onkyo a while back. I need XLR connectivity, so the NAD was a non-starter. Also, a new NAD t187 sells (IIRC) for about $3K, while the Onkyo can be found new for app. half that price. Together, the delta in price and feature set might eplain why you don't see these two units compared/cross-shopped more often.

I've owned both Integra and Onkyo AVRs for the past decade, in the 1K price range for both. They have great feature sets reliability and video
From a purely audio perspective I've been happy until I hear something in the same range that bests them. The differences usually are not that profound. I've owned some Pioneer Elite and Denon Receivers that were slightly better, but those manufacturers have also significantly changed their
Products sine then. The Onkyos have had a fairly consistent sound for the last decade or so.
How would you characterize the Onkyo sound?
How would i characterize Onkyo's sound? I find myself describing what isn't. It isn't in your face and super analytical. Nor is it soft and veiled. The treble may roll off a tad. The bass is tuneful and detailed, but this can be very room dependent. I guess I would describe it as aneutral, and I mean that as a complement.
Seems like onkyo owns the "average price pre pro market". As if you want to step up to something that is historically more audiophile labeled brands (although i have not heard any of them hence this thread) you would have to step up in price e.g

I would definitely look at Denon, Marantz and Pioneer Elite in the $ 1k range before concluding that Onkyo owns this segment of the market. I bought a used Elite that doesn't have HDMI from an AGoner recently because I valued it's "i-link". It sounds great but Pioneer has changed to Class D amplification in it's latest AVRs so that is an issue. The AVR that
Preceded the Pioneer was a Denon In the $1k range ( I gave it to my daughter and still enjoy listening to it when I am at her place. It has a more in your face sound than Onkyo that works better with movies and some types of music.
For $3k I would be considering a separate prepro and amp. Marantz and Parasound would be my idea of a good pairing.
Richardfinegold which Marantz would you choose to pair with the Parasound? AV 7005? The new SR 7007?