NAD T163 AV or Anthem AVM 2

I am primarily an audiophile at heart, but I do enjoy a nice theater system when watching a good flick. However, due to space limitations I am integrating my 2-channel system with my HT system and my Yamaha A/V receiver needs to go.

For speakers I am using my Nestorovic System 12A for the front channels and Nestorovic Type 5's for the surrounds. I would like an A/V preamp unit that will do my Nestys justice and play music extremely well as the first priority. Considering my budget, I've narrowed it down to the NAD T163 or the Anthem AVM 2.
Any suggestions out of these two choices? Are there others that would be a better choice in this price range?
The AVM-2 is simply amazing! I love mine. You won't believe the difference from your yamaha. My only other consideration was a lexicon but I wanted a nice tuner built in. Also, the remote is simple and nice. The multi room function is quite good also.
Does anyone have this new NAD unit?