NAD T-955 vs Outlaw 7125

I am in the market for a new multichannel amp. I have narrowed it down to the NAD and Outlaw (my price range is about $800). My listening is about 50/50 HT/Music and of the music about 50% is vinyl.

I am leaning toward the Outlaw (assuming their b-stock does not sell out) since I get an extra 2 channels and and extra 25 wpc.

That said, my speakers are the Axioms M22s and their center channel VP150. So, the 100wpc of the NAD should be sufficient. Also my set up is a smallish room. Lastly, I have no plan of ever going to a 7.1 setup.

So, suggestions? Bulid quality of the two? Anything else you might recommend? I am hesitant to go for used stuff since I have had pretty bad luck with that on ebay.

The Nad's on the T series has good performance on 5.1 channel sound and stereo movies.
Hmm...good to know. I am leaning more and more toward the NAD. Are there any other brands I am missing? I have a Parasound zAmp I am really happy with, but I think their multichannel amps are a little out of my price range.

I heard the t-975 paired with Totem Spirits and a Naim source; it sounded great! But how much is that the amp?! :)
Any thought about the Emotiva XPA-5? They have a detailed spec sheet for it. Though it is not too impressive at its rated 200wpc, at 100wpc, it looks similar in performance to the NAD... I worry about build quality though...