NAD T 775 down sampling is off


I am running a NAD T775 connected to two Dali Mentor 8 speakers as 'fronts'. While music sounds amazing with this setup (especially classical), I cannot dial in the home theater configuration. Either dialogue is too quiet or sound effects too loud. I'm constantly adjusting the volume.

I tried adding a center channel - a Dali Ikon Vokal - but the system actually sounds worse overall. While the dialogue is better, the sound overall is just flat.

I've tried the usual things; Audissey MultiEQ setup, manual tuning of the system, and moving the speakers a bit.

I'm running digital inputs from all sources into the NAD and relying on the NAD's Burr-Brown DAC and processor to down sample to stereo.

Anyone else have a similar problem or ideas on how to solve?

Look for a feature called volume normalize, or something similar. Turn it on and see if that helps. Also, look at your speaker cables very carefully. Make sure you don't have any of them crossed. Red to red, black to black, + to +, - to -.