NAD T-752 receiver anyone?

I'd like to know how those of you who own one of these receivers feels about it.
I have one and I really like it for what it is:

My first HT and Stereo set-up.

I have the T562 dvd player and b&w 602 s3 fronts, 600 s3 rears, lcr 60 center and asw 650 sub.

It's pretty fun for HT and I enjoy the detail I get from the audio. I am hearing things that I never heard on my old Sony set-ups.

I have been buying cds like mad lately..from jazz to ambient to drum n bass. It handles different genres pretty well, but I really enjoy listening to acoustic music on it, because I have never had such a nice sounding set-up.

Bear in mind, that this is my first decent system, but it's really gotten me much more involved in hi-fi. Now that I've heard how good this system is, I am looking to build a much higher end strictly stereo system and keep this set-up for HT.

If I had known that I was going to be using the t752 for 80% music and 20% HT, I might have not even bothered w/it and gone strictly stereo, but now that I have it, I am definitely keeping it!

Listening to cds in EARS is a lot of fun, but I had to work on speaker arrangement a bit to get it sounding "right".

@ 80 watts a channel, you can't really crank it too loud and on some dvds that aren't mastered that loudly, you have to turn the volume up quite high.

But other than that, I am happy I bought this over some of the other more mass-market brands I checked out...

My next piece of kit is probably going to be a pass X250...The T752 has made me a bit power hungry!

Good luck
jumping from a T752 to a Pass anything is quite a step; much less the X-250. I am switching back and forth between the NAD and my Curcio ST-70 (30 wpc EL-34 tube) using the pre outs. With the rolloff of the high pass filter in my ancient Vandy 2W; I probably get about 3 db more headroom from the little amp. I really don't miss anything from the bigger NAD. The little Curcio does sound sweeter. I just try to keep it simplified as much as possible for my tech impaired wife.