NAD T 747 vs. Marantz SR6005

Should I expect a significant difference in sound quality between these two receivers? I can find the T 747 for a small amount more than the SR6005 brand new, but don't have a chance to audition the NAD.
I expect they will sound similar. I've owned the T747 and heard the SR6005. Both good choices. I'd give the edge to the T747 personally.
I perfer the NAD sound wise but also depends alot on yhe speakers your using what matches them best.
NADs receivers sound great but are plagued by reliability and service issues.
Having owned previous generations of BOTH NAD "74x" & "75x" series, Marantz "500x" & "600x"...I give the nod to Marantz.

You will be pleased with sound quality of both receivers. However, NAD 747 is more comparable to Marantz 5005. Marantz 6005 compares to NAD 755.

Marantz arguably has better reliability more relevant HT features dollar for dollar.

For price of Marantz 5005, I can add an external 2 channel amp performance that will BLOW away both "747" & "6005"...something to think about.
I'v owned both. The Marantz 6005 lasted less than 1 month and it would just sit there and blink. when it worked it sounded decent. I returned it and Bought a T747. The 747 sounds better for 2 chan music, Has better power and is still working.The 6005 does have more bells and whistles though for HT.

I'm pretty sure that your receiver went into "protection mode". Dangerous operating conditions don't trip a breaker or blow a fuse on the Marantz AVRs - they engage "protection mode" (and blink at you). That happened to mine.

Marantz tech guys explained to me that their receivers require a technician to reset them when this happens. I find it curious that they're designed that way (you'd think that there would be auto/user re-set.) Maybe there's a good technical reason, but is a PITA.

Hades, In the same boat here searching for the best power for surround sound, I'm afraid a/v receiver wont cut the bill since i've heard what a dedicated amp can provide sound wise. So far in my search i've found for 799 new a NAD T-955 that provides a true 100w X 5. The tough part is finding a processor which isn't sky high in cost for what it provides.

Good luck in your search, Chris