NAD Silver series amp/processor - Opinions please

I've a NAD T762 driving europas. NAD is a great receiver, but I'm getting the urge to upgrade to seperates. I was thinking of going with the NAD silver series amp and processor. Yawa online has it on sale.... But I hardly read any reviews about the combo or either of the components.

Anybody out there have this? Can you please give me some inputs as to whether these are good enough to shell out 2.5k?
I have a S200 power amp and I love it. $2.5k seems like good deal to me.
Absolute Sound reviewed the Silverline amongst other amps, but I don't know the issue. Powerful, very white sound, it is a stereotypical SS amp. I didn't like it the b/c of the whitewashed tonality, but the AS reviewer did.