nad s200 with heresys

Nad s200 amplifier for klipsch heresy 3 anybody heard this amp or know what the going price is for it?
I have not heard this NAD, but read it is still highly regarded. Just wondering why you are looking at 225wpc for a 99db speaker? My Forte IIs play loud with 12wpc, and absolutely crank with 30wpc.
You have a lot of options with a speaker that efficient.
What kind of amplifier are you using with the fortes are you using tubes or solid state or what tube amp would you recommend since you own klipsch yourself?
The NAD S200 is a wonderful amp but as mentioned, you really don't "need" 225w/ch to drive a pair of HIII's to crazy levels. If you are not quite ready for tubes but still want a "warmish" sounding amp(mosfet) that will mate very well with Klipsch Heritage, look for a lower power(125w to 140W) B&K like the Reference 125.2 or the ST2140. Both are very nice sounding amps with Heresy's and are reasonably priced on the used market.

Any of these NAD integrateds will sound great(IMO) with the Klipsch Heresy's also.

What about the bk ex4420 would this be good with the heresys i am also interested in the tube amps you would suggest.
09-18-12: Curiousgeorge
"What about the bk ex4420 would this be good with the heresys?"

I think it would. I owned an EX4420 for about 2 years and used it in my Klipsch Reference HT setup as well as in a 2-channel rig with a B&K PT3II preamp powering my Heresy I's. It has more than enough power and actually pulled out some bass response in my Heresy's I did not know they were capable of. I actually regret selling that B&K setup but needed the $$$ at the time.

I have used several ss amps with the Forte IIs. Also, I sometimes use a Little Dot mkIII tube preamp with them.
This is where my credibility might go out the window... I usually use one (or two) super cheap t-amps, and love the sound I am getting. Right now I'm listening to a Musical Fidelity E624- Little Dot mkII- HLLY Tamp20- Cambridge Audio S-30 speakers nearfield and it sounds wonderful.
I know this disqualifies my opinion for many here, but I can only tell you my experience with T-amps has been very positive. I don't have a tube power amp to compare, but have heard and appreciated tubes. Mac is very popular with Klipsch owners.
The only aspect I feel might be wanting (with the Forte) with the right amp would be the lowest bass. Although I have tried several much more powerful amps, I find myself going back to my ridiculously tiny and cheap t-amps. They are both, perhaps not really "tube like", but smooth, rich and with little trace of "ss edge".
I would always recommend spending $100 for a t-amp for a back-up amp, and to compare other amps to. While you are sorting things out, you might ad a sub, and find yourself unexpectedly satisfied. (note t-amps cant use common ground so sub must run from preamp out)
I'm not an "all amps sound the same and high $$$ stuff is a scam" guy. I would love to have the $$$ to throw around on the big boys' toys. This is just my opinion, I've had a lot of fun bottom feeding lately.