NAD S200 vs Sonic Frontiers power 2

I have been entertaining replacing my NAD S200 SS Amp with a SF Power 2 amp. This change would allow me to pair up my SF SFL-2 Pre amp. I expect this change to represent a system wide upgrade; however, because of the NAD's over achieving performance, I am not sure if a substantial improvement will happen. This concern comes from a person who has never owned a tube amp. I would appreciate any comments that may help me on this decision.
Other associated equipment:
Diva Swan 6.1's
Virtual Dynamics Nite and Audition power cords
Virtual Dynamics Audition interconnects and speaker cables
Maple Shade triple point cones
Two inch maple wood platforms through out
Two totally different pieces....
The Sonic Frontiers, IMO will out perform the silver
nad anyday. Musically, smoother, more detail, better vocals, equal bass, more air, just easier to listen to.
Even with the stock kt88 tubes, the sf p2 has more usuable
power than the s200. If you upgraded to kt 90 tubes as I did on my sfs 80, then you would outperform most offerings from NAD. The Sonic Frontiers has individual tube biasing if I recall and this is a big advantage with tube amps.
Good luck,
Custom Audio LLC
The SF will be a significant upgrade. I say this as a fan of tube gear, but listen for yourself (if you can). I found that changing from SS to tubes just made my stero system more fun and enjoyable to listen to for whatever reason. Having said that the SF Power2 is a great tube amp on it's own.
The two amps will have far different personalities. You must audition them before making a decision. It is usually a mistake to buy a piece of equipment based solely upon a review or a recommendation.