NAD S200 Amp sounds amazing

Hi, I just got this Amp. Wow, this Amp sounds really smooth and sweet. I was shocked how good this Amp is. Has anyone else heard it.
I tried it out a while back, nice piece of gear. Unfortunately when I listened to the S200 it was fresh out of the box and needed some breaking in. From the sounds of things you bought yours used or as a demo and it's already achieving it's full potential. Enjoy, Jeff
Anyone compared it to the sound of a fully broken in S300 ? I find the S300 to be really closed in, a bass too prominent and the overall sound much too dark. Its only two days old, but still, is this a NAD feature or should i expect a change ?

Nad's typically sound "smooth and warm". If you're looking for something "punchy and open sounding", you've probably got the wrong amp.

My suggestion is to leave the amp on continuously for at least 36 - 48 hours and THEN listen to it. The more music that you can play through it during that time period, the better. If your not happy with it at that point in time, you'll probably never be satisfied with it in that specific system. Sean
I short time ago I had been auditioning several quality solid state amps in the 1-2K range in anticipation of making a purchase in a couple of months. After listening to the amps I asked to hear, the salesman recommended that I listen to the NAD S200, I almost said no thanks, but politely said sure. In a word "WOW". I hadn't listened to any NAD products in a while and was not expecting what I heard. Dead quiet, smooth, sweet, transparent, excellent dynamics and musical. If I was buying that day, the S200 is what I would have bought. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to buy just yet. About a week later I found and bought a used one, and have had it in my system for about a month now and couldn't be happier. I truly believe this amp is an undiscovered gem!

Badwisdom, I don't know if your S300 will improve with time since the demo unit sounded fine and mine was already broken in. I can tell you that when I used the "normal" outputs (tone controls in) of my Adcom 565 preamp, the sound was slightly dark and veiled, but when I switched to the bypass mode (no tone controls) it sounded clean, clear and detailed.