NAD s170, T163 or T773

Has anyone made any comparisons. I am currently building a new system.

Currently have a NAD 1600 Pre, NAD 2400 Amp, Klipsch KG 5.2 and NAD early CD 50??.

I moving into a HT system. Started with a NAD T533 DVD, I do not have one, so this made sense for the first step. Speakers will be Paradigm Studio's all the way around, thinking the 60's for fronts.

Any suggestions on how to sort thru the electronics?

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I went from Hafler separates to the NAD T163 Preamp with a 218THX and the clarity is just astounding. I am running the front mains through an Audio Control Richter Scale for base EQ and crossover to the mains and out to the sub amp (Hafler). The T163 is the most user friendly pre/pro I have seen out there, and I looked at them all. The sound beats the Rotel by a long shot. Very detailed and percise.