NAD S-100 RIAA Phono module. Need this please! thank you kindly

HI there,

I bought a NAD -S100 Silverline the other day and the seller was a flipper and miss identified the preamp by saying the phono module was included. A cut and paste ad.  My fault I should of asked, The onboard module was the reason why i wanted this preamp.  Anyone know of a module available? New, used?. I really only want the built in module not interested in a separate phono preamp etc.

I know this is a needle in a haystack. But if you don;t ask you don't get.  btw I have been a member since 2001. Sometime after that when they were working on the website it lost all that info. anyway

 I sincerely thank you for helping me out.

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Get in touch with the guys at Spearit Sound in Northampton MA, if anyone can help you with that it's those guys.   
Thank you for you very much, I really appreciate your rely.
I have indeed reached out to them, they don't have it.
In fact I went on NAD's site found and emailed every authorized repair center. It was very cool they all replied promptly, but no one had it. Nor is its currently made or in stock at NAD.

please, if you can, let me know if you happen to see it.

Kind regards,