NAD remotes

I recently bought a used NAD C541i, sounds great but already miss remote. I see different remotes for each
NAD model for sale? Are any interchangable, or do any universals have NAD codes?

Why don't you call or write NAD and ask them?
I tried online and no response
I have/had several NAD products, CD remotes seem to be interchangeable in my experience. Also, receiver and integrated amp remotes work CD players as well. Check Ebay.
BTW, I just checked:

Many to choose from.
I owned a 541i a while back and am pretty sure I used a universal remote at one point.
Here is the manual.It has a picture of the remote too.Hope this helps some.
You can also try to mod your Nad, i think there are some tips to make it.
I have a NAD link remote. It works the C-370 integrated and other NAD link equipment.My old CD player was a 541 and this remote controlled it as well as the other NAD components. It's yours for shipping.