NAD Processor Break in period

I just replaced the processor board (keyboard) in my NAD T762. Now that I have the new board in I seem to have lost bass and overall volume? Is there a break in period with the processor board? If so would this make the bass sound thin and the overall volume to be lower than normal? If there is a break-in time, how many hours is normally required?
Doesn't sound like anything that break-in would resolve. I'm guessing that you have lost the previous configuration that was set up in your processor before the processor board was changed. Have you gone through the setup menu yet and re-calibrated everything?

Yes, I have tried a lot of different things. I took my brothers 753 home to do a direct comparision and the 753's bass is much better, everything set the same? I've tried adjusting everything I can and the bass still sounds thin to me. Any suggestions? Is there anything I can have looked at to see if there is a problem or is this just the way it is going to be with this reciever?
Sorry, I can't offer any more advice. If it is significantly different than it was before the repair, and you have verified that it is not a configuration issue, it seems like you may have a defect. If the repair was performed by a professional, I would take it back.

Well thats what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the second opinion.