NAD preamp question

I Have a question about the NAD 160 and 162 preamp I had a 116 and thought it was very good with a slightly warm sound but seemed a little thin sometimes and slightly bright ion the phono section. I then had a 162 and sold that and now recently amm using a 160. I do not hear a differnce between the 162 and 160 but to me they both are extremely clean and clear sound but almost to clean and clear. Not steril but almost slightly cold? The phono just does not sound bvery analog to me. Very very clean and clear with some body but something does not sound right to me. It got the same feeling when I had the 162. Has anyone else experienced that? Would like to find and try a 116 again.
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I like NAD preamps, always thought they sounded very good for the price. Maybe since you like the linestage and not the phono stage you should consider buying an external Cambridge phono preamp, their not expensive but they sound really good!
The capacitive loading specifications of the phono inputs of the 160 and 162 are odd, to say the least, while the corresponding figures for the 116 are much more reasonable:

NAD 160 & 162:

Moving magnet: 47K, 470 pf
Moving coil: 100 ohms, 1000 pf

NAD 116:

Moving magnet: 47K, 200 pf
Moving coil: 100 ohms, 50 pf

I don't know what kind of cartridge you are using, but given the facts you described it seems likely that the very high input capacitances of the 160 and 162 are major contributors to the problem. Especially if you are using a moving magnet cartridge, but conceivably also if it is a moving coil.

So I second the idea of a separate phono stage, preferably one providing low input capacitance and (if you are using a moving coil cartridge) flexibility of resistive loading.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
I’ve had the 114, 116 and 160 and I like the 114 best. It has no remote but it is one of the best sounding NAD preamps. It has the full natural sound vintage NAD gear is known for without sacrificing any detail. Circuitry is ultra clean (much cleaner than the other two) and PS caps are 2 x 2200uf which is twice the size of the 116 (2 x 1000uf). The 160 also has big caps but circuitry is complicated and it has had reliability issues, mostly with switching. Unless you absolutely must have remote the 114 is the best of the three.