NAD PP2 or Project Phono Box MKII

Well, intended to venture into the analog world and would try with a modest set up first. The two phono stage I a currently consider are the NAD PP2 or the Project Phono Box MKII which is more or less the same in price. Any recomendation on which is better and why? The Project seem to be more solid and tiny. Unfortunately I cannot compare the two at the same time. Any recomendation on other phono stages within the same range of price are welcome too.
Neither. The Cambridge 540p is a bit better. I tried the PP2 in direct comparison and the Cambridge was fuller, more body, not as thin as the PP2.
I think the Project and the NAD retail for about the same amount and my first jump would be to the Project.The Project is a more recent design and the inside componentry is bluntly..superior.Having said that,the NAD runs off a DC supply and if you like the idea of using a regulated supply which you can use with the NAD i.e 24V 1amp DC,this lifts it's performance markedly.The Project uses an AC supply.The Cambridge is a little more expensive(640P?)so I would expect the extra cost would translate to performance.
There is a Cambridge 650p and a 540p. The 640p has MC capability. Within the same price range as the NAD, etc is the 540p, which I had, and liked much much better.
For a few $ more above preamp is hard to beat. It includes ability to use LOMC and a rumble filter.
I've tried all of the under $200 preamps. I think the Creek OB-H8 is the clear winner.