Ok Board:
Ordered a PRO-JECT PHONO BOX II from to be used with a PRO-JECT DEBUT III (you can see the rest of my gear here)
Something went wrong with my order with musicdirect, the three digit security code number from my card was wrong. So, my order is stuck. If no answer in 72 my order will be cancelled.
A friend has a NAD PP2 phone stage, brand new! and dont needs it anymore.
Question: Can I live with that NAD PP2? or better fix my problem with musicdirect and get the the Pro-Ject Phono Box? also take take notice that I would save on shipping and import fees as Im Mexico City.

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Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Both in the same league. Good luck.
So, practically both make the job without substantial comparision between each other, so to save on shipping a nd import fees get the NAD
Don't buy either. Get a Gram Amp 2SE used on Audiogon for $250 or less. I had theNAD PP-2 and the Gram Amp 2 SE creams it. Big difference!
The Project Phono Box 11 is really very good and much better at that price point than the NAD PP2.I know cause I have both and frankly the Project is just better all round.It is now a newer design(2005) and is a much better build quality than the NAD(2002) which you can tell looking at the circuit boards.The Project is very musical and has a sound-stage and sometimes matches it's older brother the SE.The NAD is dry and sterile by comparison and doesn't match the Project for detail either.