NAD or Music Hall?

I am putting together a system for my bedroom. I have a NAD c320bee integrated amp and Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers. Currently I am using an Integra cd player that I want to replace. I am loking at either a NAD c542 or Music Hall MMF-25.
Any thoughts? Thanks
You can buy a new Onix XCD-88 from for $300.00. It made by Shanling in China who makes the Music Hall. Other than cosmetics, it is the same machine. However, it is not the same as the newer Music Hall MMF-25.2, which I have not heard.
No contest ... it's the Music Hall MMF 25. I had the NAD C320BEE and Music Hall together on/off for 2 years and the synergy of the two is magical. Refer to my review of the NAD C320 BEE that I posted here and/or my 2 channel HT system for further comments.

Regards, Rich
The NAD 541-i has worked well for me for more than a year now. Very smooth sound and reliable to boot. That being said, I've been considering the Onix mentioned above. I don't think you'd go wrong with either one.
I've had both and I'd take the Music Hall. A little better stock, detachable PC and upgradeable. I highly recommend the opa627 upgrade. If you know how to solder you can make a set yourself for about $20.