NAD: Old -vs- New

Does anyone share my observation? I have owned NAD gear over the past 21 years. Specifically the NAD 2200 power tracker amp along with the NAD 1130 preamp. I also purchased a NAD 7140 receiver along the way. I have recently purchased a NAD C372 int-amp to replace the 7140. My immediate impression was that both the 7140 and the 2200/1130 combo are a lot more dynamic in power and musical impact compared to the C372. The only advantage I found in the C372 is that it has slightly better spacial imaging. This slightly better spacial imaging did not impress me to the point that I thought it was worth the money when compared to the performance of my old gear. I was considering the NAD master series to replace my 2200/1130 combo but have become apprehensive about it. Your observations and thoughts on this is appreciated.
I have a NAD 20 watt receiver from the 80's. a 7020 I believe, that I use for a spare amp/pre/tuner as needed.

It packs a lot of punch for a little guy, but I noticed some grainy highs and a lack of smoothness for the first time when I put it into temporary service in place of a much larger Tandberg TR2080 with Triangle Titus 202s and a sub. Of course I picked it up in a pawn shop over 20 years ago and it has served well in a reserve role ever since, so I can't complain.

I like some of the newer NAD electronics I've heard more recently, but have not done enough critical listening to offer a useful comparison.

NAD in general may not be the best amplifier choice for driving speakers with difficult impedance curves under 8 ohms because they do no tnearly double in power int o 4 and 2 ohms, I believe, but are respectable otherwise.
NAD's pretty much like Musical Fidelity - once they shipped production offshore, they became an also-ran.