NAD Model 1020 Preamp and 2150 Amp

Hello everyone. I am quite naive as per electronics and really need help. I have an NAD Model 1020 Preamp and 2150 Amp that came with my home purchase and powers speakers in several rooms. Last week music was playing in one room. When I returned, there was no sound however everything appeared to be functioning. The CD player is fine. Checked and the speakers are fine. Could this be a fuse issue and where would I find it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Its NAD what do you expect?
Bartokfan apparently does not care if you have music.
Great help.

Those are both old peices. You will need to test each individual component with known working gear after making sure that:
1)There are no bad connections between any of the equipment where it is as it is (loose/damaged wires, unpluged power cord, tripped breaker, etc).
2)The wire to speaker bridge is working properly (no impedence problems indicating damaged wire or speaker, speaker wire connected to speaker, etc).
3)Any volume pots or attenuators in the signal path are set properly to allow signals to pass (in-wall volume controls, preamp volume control, amplifier volume control, etc).

If none of these things fix it take the components to a dealer and he should diagnose it for FREE. If he wants to charge you or doesn't demonstrate what is wrong with it go somewhere else.

Good luck!
Thanks Bignerd100. That is exactly the help I was seeking. If it does require dealer service, would you suggest a cutoff regarding $$ before I purchase new (not really preferred)? Best regards.
Bartokfan apparently wasn't very well brought up. Sad.

I've got the identical set of gear running two pairs of speakers as I type. Absolutely reliable performance, for what, decades now? I do have to clean the volume pot on the 1020 fairly regularly, and the source switches occasionally, maybe every couple of years. Oh -- the "Tape" button got funky once, and needed to be cleaned -- that was causing no joy when I was playing CD's. The 2150 has never needed anything.

Hosfeld, take it one step at a time, and check things one step at a time. If you have a small set of speakers to set next to the amp, it might be helpful hook them up and just check, check, check. It'll take a little time -- be patient. Pull and clean wires and jacks as necessary.... one step at a time.
pbridge, thanks so much for the suggestions. Your help is greatly appreciated. With patience, I hope to get this resolved.
I did try to help, dump the NAD and get something used here and much better.