Nad m51 plug in computer vs cd transport

I have a nad m51, when I plug in my transport classe cdt-1 whit coaxial rca i get a far superior sound quality compare to my computer connected by USB. My songs are encoded in apple lossless. My usb and coax cable are in the same quality range(jps labs)

My question is the following:is there a way to get sound quality whit my computer close to my cd transport?

Thank you in advance.
Yes - try a device like the Off-Ramp or Audiophilleo:

I use a usb-spdif converter (Musical fidelity vlink 192) and it sounds terrific with my M51. other converters should also help. Look for dual oscillators and galvanic isolation.
A good usb cable is also essential. Sound quality is better than any transport I've ever heard.
There is a thread over at, in the DAC forum, by a guy asking about an upgrade from the M51, and where he gets input from users about USB converters and also about some allegedly transformational tweaks. Worth checking out.