NAD M5 vs Marantz SA-11 S1 or SA-14

Anyone heard the M5 and either of the Marantz units? I'm looking for two channel SACD with XLR output. The multi-channel doesn't matter. I'd like a player with good PRAT.

Thanks for looking.
I had Marantz SA-15S1, and currently have NAD M-55. My recollection of Marantz was warm and soft sound. On the other hand, M-55 is one of the most dynamic sounding player I've ever heard. PRAT is top notch. Midrange is grain free. Bass is tight. It throws a tall and wide soundstage. My current reference Bel Canto PL-1A sounds more airy, but when it comes to PRAT M-55 is the one to have. If M-5 is anything like M-55 you'll probably like the sound.
I had the Marantz SA11s1 here at the same time I borrowed a NAD M5. The Marantz was slightly better in the treble, not as nice everywhere else, and overall, just way to soft and lifeless for me. It also had some noise issues with the transport when playing SACDs.
Anyway I sold the Marantz and bought a new NAD M5. That was about a year ago. I have since spent time with one of the Ayre C-5XE and I am selling the NAD to get either it or try one of the Cary SACD players.
Short answer. For me the NAD was much more enjoyable, cost less money, and built better than the Marantz.
Thank you both. The Ayre, Krell, Esoteric, etc are too pricey for me and I won't buy anymore Cary so Marantz and NAD it was. I like the looks of the NAD more and it does multi-channel too which doesn't hurt in the long run.

Someday I may even have a processor with more than one 7.1 input. We need three nowadays: DVDA, SACD, DTSHD.