NAD M5 v NAIT CD5i and CD5x

I'm going to put together a new stereo system and expect to purchase either the NAD M3 or the NAIT XS. While I certainly don't need to stick with a single brand I've assumed that there would be some synergy if I selected the NAD M5 to use with the M3 if I go that route and either the NAIT CD5i or CD5x if I purchase the NAIT XS.

I do not have any SACDs -- so the fact that the M5 is an SACD player doesn't mean all that much to me. I want to know how these units compare when used for Redbook CDs.

It has been a long time since I've been in the market for new audio gear and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I had the M3. If you like your sound laid back and warm and likely a similar signature from the M5 (have not heard it), then go with NAD. The build quality is very good and the M3 is a beautiful piece.
First off, if you get the M5, get some SACD's, you will like them. !!! Still plenty available new and used,

In any case, I own an M5 and love it. Besides sounds great, great build quality, 5 year warranty also. It also does HDCD, and about the only SACD capable player to do so.

As I told somebody else recently, go to Audio Asylum, and search the SACD forum for NAD M5, and you will find several discussions.

PS:I also thought about the M3, but I still get hung up with the more traditional MAC preamp, then the more modern look of the M3. Weird I guess !!