Nad M33 vs Hegel H390... old question with a bit of a twist (ethernet and headphones)

Hi, This is my first post and I am a relative audio amateur.
Here goes: I want to buy an integrated amp/streamer that has amazing sound and depth for mostly alt.indie and some and occasionally opera. Both of these amps seem to qualify *but* I want to run the system from an entirely *wired network*. Basically we are an ethernet only household and do not use wi-fi or bluetooth (except to sync watches etc). I can plug my iPad and phone into the network so using an app like BluOs is no problem.
Second, I do listen to headphones often. Just to be polite in the house... so even though I am leaning towards the Hegel H390, wondering how I would get around the lack of a headphone jack. When not listening to headphones, will be using the KLH model 5 speakers for now. Upgrades in the future.
So, the Hegel H390 qualifies on the wired front, but might not work on the headphone front. Many reports on this site express a preference for the H390 but nobody mentions the headphone problem.
The NAD M33 looks like you could just not install the wi-fi and bluetooth antennas and use ethernet into the BluOS. Then I can use the BluOS app on my ios devices. But would want to make sure that the wi-fi and bluetooth are actually switched off in the unit. And would I get the sound that I am hoping for...
If anyone has insights, please comment.
@atanarjuat99 Congrats on the Hegel purchase.  I'd love to hear how things are after you have everything set up and have listened for a while.  The difference in the 190 & 390 is really interesting, I'll have to check that out at my local Hegel dealer next time I wander in.

Not sure what you decided to do with the Headphones end of this, but if you are looking for a stand-alone headphone amp, my favorite (by far) for not a huge outlay is the Linear Tube Audio MZ2.  If you were drawn to the tone of the H390 over the H190, I'm guessing the MZ2 will make many other headphone amps sound broken.

@badgerdms Thanks for following up. I am super pleased with the Hegel H390. What I do notice is how different they sounded in the dealer's listening room paired with the JBL L82 Classics. The KLH Model 5s are not as bassy and dark. But they emit absolutely gorgeous midtones. I seem to be headed down the rabbit hole as I just ordered a new power cable - the brand suggested by @rockhound. 
As for the headphones, I just attached my IFI micro black label headphone amp to the RCA fixed out in the H390 and they seem to work fine. Though not the greatest sound. 
Does the Linear Tube Audio MZ2 have its own DAC? If connected to the H390, would it then use the Hegel amp and its own DAC (unclear on concept)?

@atanarjuat99  The LTA does not have its own DAC.  I'm guessing you would connect the fixed output of the Hegel to the headphone amp (you can actually connect up to three devices to the headphone amp) and use the volume control on the LTA.  What I'm not sure of is it the output coming out of the Hegel is post or pre DAC processing.  If the outputs are signal that has not passed through the internal DAC then you may want to add a DAC in between the amp and the headphone amp.
Jonny Darko’s take on the NAD Masters M33.

I have heard the H360 oops 390, loved it, congrats.
@rixthetrick. Thanks for the link. Super interesting and I love his vids.