nad m3 vs m2

I have the nad m3 since 6 month and i want to change it for a more dynamic amplifier, i also want better control in the bass. Does anybody have compare m3 vs m2? if yes can you give your impression.
Probably very few people have heard the M2. It's too new to the market. However, there is a used one for sale right now. You could snatch it up and always resell if you don't like it. You'll likely get all your money back.

I'm a huge NAD fan myself. I was using the top of the classic range for quite awhile (165/275). That is one sweet combo and punches way above its price. A LOT of a amp for the money. Plus a phono stage.

I've switched to Bryston, and I'm very happy. I think Bryston would fit your requirements. You can get great deals on Bryston here. There's a BP6 preamp for $900. That's 40% of reatail. And many amps to choose from, all at great prices...

Good luck :)