Nad M3 power board and R, amp

Hi, my M3 had sparks and smoke coming out, the shop says I need a main power board and a Right power amp and Nad no longer sells parts for that. what should I do?
The real techie can diagnose which parts to be replaced and do that. The one full of snit will tell ya to change the whole thing.
Find real one.

 I did start to wonder about the $ 75.00 diagnose fee and the discontinued parts, they know I have to drive 100 miles to pick it back up. are they conning me?
Where you’re local to?
Technically, I don't have to even open a unit to blast this kind of diagnosis! They did not provide details. It's not sufficient explaination of the cause.
A power supply as well as output stage consists of circuit elements that need replacement.

Czarivey, I am in Sherman Tx, They did offer to dispose of the unit for me, I will be picking it up. The M3 case is pretty enough just to sit and look at it. I am watching ebay for those parts I need, I can rework my system to be usable, since I wont be replacing the M3 . I do think they should have told me factory parts are unavailable before I came in.
The $75 fee is pretty much standard in the industry. I've had to have a Primare SP 31 rebuilt, even a new video board, which had to be sourced from Sweden. My Esoteric DV 60 had to have a new transport, it was readily available.

Although we may be talking apples and oranges here, there seems to be parts available for many discontinued, or older models in some lines. I recommend you contact the manufacturer, if anyone can provide the parts, they would be the first to be contacted IMHO.

Good luck I hope it works out for you.
Thanks guys for the input