NAD M3 integrated to drive Dynaudio s5.4 speakers

anyone have advice on this match? listen to broad range of musical genres from classical and jazz piano solo to orchestral to vocal jazz to joni mitchell and rock and roll. dual mono master series integrated amp that I love soon to be married to new speakers. I am between Revel F52 Performa and Dynaudio s5.4. I have heard the Revel paired with NAD M3 but am interested in the Dynaudios. thanks
The NAD M3 should work well with the Contour 5.4. The other integrated to consider is the Musical Fidelity A5.5. Musical Fidelity has always paired very well with Dynaudio. The Dynaudio 5.4 typically works best with MINIMUM of 200 watts into 8 ohms.

Dealer disclaimer applies (but I also do all 3 lines mentioned in your post).
thanks. does the minimum 200 include whether it is dual mono integrated amp? the NAD is 180 in to 8 ohms. what is IHF dynamic power in lay terms? specs show IHF dynamic power:
8 ohms 280W (24.5dBW)
4 ohms 480W (27.2dBW)
2 ohms 785W (28.4dBW
as 280 watts.

thanks again
won't sound exciting/alive. Will be boring and flat. I had both. S5.4s need a massive amp...think Pass Labs x250, x350....etc