NAD M23 Stereo Amplifier: Best Amp Ever Bench Tested?!?



I don’t use a tube preamp with class D amps, kind of defeats the point of getting class D. I don’t want a damn tube in a DAC either. If you want tubes then buy tube amps.

My feeling too....But don't worry, from what I hear in another thread, in the future no one will be buying tubes because everyone will have decided that class d sounds better.

@djones51 seems like a bit of a contradiction. You compare a tubed DAC in one post ?  Just an observation. And yes the tube would make it sound better. 

@kuribo I believe it is in the HT Review interview that Bruno said his goal was a more tube like sound and that was one of the reason people were moving from valves to his Purfi amplifiers. (me I do not hear it with any of the Purfi equipped units  I have listened to, may get a VTV with a tube buffer and give it another try)

So valves are still the benchmark. Imitation is the best form of flattery no? 

I like the Pharahos II sound but I love the sound of my X200 and my Octave V70 Class A. 

No arguments just observation though they maybe subjective. 



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MHDT Pagoda

Reasons why it might sound different

Non over- sampling

No digital filter

No op-amp

No feedback.




There is no better, there is only different, when it comes to opinions of taste. Tubes sound better to you, great. They don't sound better to everyone, as proven by @djones51.  Our preferences are determined by experience, learning, and the biases we form.

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