NAD M2 vs. Peachtree Grand Integrated X1

I am currently running a Peachtree NovePre->Krell KSA50s->Monitor RX-6's. The Krell is a monster and I am thinking about consolidating; also I feel the sound is great on the highs and midrange, but maybe missing a little in the dynamics. So I am considering either the:

Peachtree Grand Integrated X1

I have nothing but digital sources, so the analog inputs are not an issue. But these two "integrated"s are like apples and oranges - one is using a tube buffer and has a full analog output stage, the other is keeping it all digital til the bitter end.

Comments? Suggestions of other similar solutions?

thanks in advance
Well no one ever replied, but I did listen to both in the end. I auditioned the M2 for about a week in home. It sounded fine, but wasn't a clear upgrade over my Krell KSA-50s + Peachtree NovaPre. I couldn't justify the cost. I eventually auditioned the Grand Integrated and wow. Much more dramatic improvement in both resolution and bass. Really really good. Both were fed with a mac mini + bit perfect - M2 via optical (and converted to coax) and Peachtree Grand via USB.

I bought the Peachtree and love it. Now it is driving a pair of Monitor Audio PL300's and sounds just awesome.
Congrats on your purchase!
I am currently looking at both of these myself. My dealer is pushing the Peachtree and I thought it sounded great, I haven't been able to listen to the NAD M2 yet though. What did you find hear from the PT Grand that was so different from the M2?
I recently bought the Grand Integrated X-1, and am very happy with it. Mine is paired with a set of B&W PM1 in an office about 10x12. It sounds wonderful. I'd read about Peachtree demoing the Grand Integrated with B&W N802 at shows, and figured if that was a good enough combo to show off to people, the PM1 pairing would be great too and it is. I was upgrading from a Marantz PM8004 integrated, and the difference is more dramatic than I expected. The PM1 needed more power than I was giving them. Am impressed with the Grand's build quality too. I've never heard the NAD, so can't help there, but wanted to at least chime in that I'm happy with the Peachtree.