NAD M2 "Protection ,right channel short"

Just took delivery of this used integrated yesterday . Hooked up and listened for two hours .The amp went into protection stating the message right channel short . No wires were crossed or connections were changed . I had noticed the imaging had started to move left previous to the shutdown .I restarted the amp it worked fine for another hour .I then shut it down and went to bed.At the time of shutdown I was playing Peter Gabriels Love To Be Loved .That song is very dynamic in terms of quiet to loud passages and I always find I turn the volume up pretty good . Can loud volume cause a short ? Should I send the amp back to the Brick and mortar store I bought it from .
Well you say that you like to turn up the volume, and the song is very dynamic. Combine those facts with the fact that you are driving inefficient (83dB) Electrostatic speakers, and I would guess that this new NAD amp just doesn't have enough juice for your situation.

Yes, I would send it back to the dealer immediately, and look for a more powerful amplifier.
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"I had noticed the imaging had started to move left previous to the shutdown"

That's because when the right channel went into protection mode power was reduced to that channel. Since the left channel didn't go into protection, it was putting out more power than the right. That's why everything moved to the left. Kind of like a balance control.
It was purchased used and is about 4 years old. The same thing happened tonight . Turns out volume has nothing to do with the shutdown . Running time of the amp is the culprit . Shut down 2 hours in which is about when it shutdown the previous night . will be speaking with the owner of the store today . I am confident they will resolve the issue .I must say that it is the best sounding amp/pre I have had the pleasure of hearing .
Update on NAD M2 . Turns out it was a bad rca cable which had its internal wires touching . Thank god it was not the amp. Will be saying a prayer for a long healthy life for the NAD .