Does anyone have experience with this amplifier? Reviews have been good, but they seemed to have some reliability problems. The technology is interesting, and 180 degrees from where I have been looking (tubes). This would be for Merlin VSM, just throwing it out as a totally different direction.
I have the NAD C390DD, which is the lower-cost but more fully-featured product using that technology. Happy to answer any questions -- PM might be best.
I just purchased the m2,had it for approxmately a week . running it with the nad cd player, and using a pair of Kef 201/2 speakers which i just got a few months ago, great sound on the low end and very good sound all the way around ,as where i was ruuning the 201/2 with the acurrus d100 amp i got little base and harsh highs. I am new at hifi components.