NAD M17 V2

Anyone heard anything on the release of this yet? Seems to be a black out of information with late spring the last thing that was communicated to dealers. I need to pull the trigger on a HT pre-amp/processor and am getting tired of waiting....
Just an update for anyone else interested

M17 v2 are now starting to hit authorized dealers although quantities will continue to be restricted until roughly Oct. 

I just picked up the showroom model from Audio Concepts in Dallas that arrived Friday!
The M17 is a bit too rich for my blood but it sure looks to be a fine piece of gear.  I am still waiting for NAD to roll out their 4K module for my T-175HD pre/pro which based on communication with them multiple times in the last year they are still confirming it will happen.  Not sure if their will be an Atmos module or Durac Live capability though.