NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help

So, I just picked up an NAD M10 Player.  I have a Crap Ton of Hi-Res FLAC/DSD stored on my LG V50 phone.  How do I access my music?  I don't use streaming services.  I have searched all over The Bluesound site and combed through the FAQ's.  I sent a support request to Bluesound and NAD, but it's been two days and no replies yet.  I have Googled the crap out of this but can't find and answers.  Please help.
Seems like a lot work to enjoy playing music.
Wouldnt it be simpler to have everything on one server that automatically backs itself up?  Servers can be accessed remotely so use the home server while at work.
  For portable listening, when you can’t access the server, 1TB on your phone should keep you going for a while.  Remember, you can only listen to one piece of music at a time.  However, I know what you feel.  When I am traveling, with 512 mb on my phone plus streaming, it’s always the music that I can’t access that I hanker for...
 I had about a TB on my Bluesound Vault2 before I backed it up to my Synology NAS.  I still use the BluOS , along with Bryston Manic Moose for my Bryston BDP3.  The Blue OS app tells me that my music resides in 2 folders, the NAS and the Vault2.  I just open the NAS
Yes, I have everything on one server.  Backups only take a few minutes because I only need to backup the changes, not the whole library.  While I can access the Server remotely, there is no need to.

I'v had a dedicated music server for 18 years now since the release of the original Slim Devices Squeezebox.  Today, I have 11 streaming devices, 10 of which can access the music from my phone.  My whole entire music library is also on my phone.  The one streaming device that uses the music server is the one device that I use the least for streaming.  So, wouldn't it make more since to just change that one device and then get rid of the Music Server all together?  After all, I use the phone to control all the devices anyway.

No matter how I try to justify it, I think that dedicated Music Servers are so 2010.  Currently I have a 1TB memory card in my phone; soon it will be 2TB.  With my Phone, Chord Mojo and Audeze LCDi-4's, JH Audio Layla's or Campfire Audio Solaris I have a portable Hi-End rig.  I'm not worried about breaking or loosing my phone because it's insured.  Everything on it is backed up, and I'll be back up and running in a few hours.  That being said, my phone it always in a protective case and has a screen protector.  

If your Rig is working for you, great, no reason to change it, enjoy it.
Is the NAD in your office?  Pardon me if I missed that in your previous posts
If the files on your server match the files on your phone, I am not sure what the problem is here....the important thing is the music, and reproducing it in high quality, and not to be having your enjoyment be dependent upon knowing which technology (i.e., which server) brings it into the room.  It may be “so 2010” but most Audio technology has a pedigree.  Vinyl has risen from the dead, and how much has really changed in amplification and speaker technology in the past 50 years or so?.  You still control the M10with the app on the phone, so the phone is an integral part of the experience.  
  Sorry, don’t mean to hector you, it was meant respectfully.
  Also, I am interested, since I own the same phone, in the other devices that you allude to that can play files from the phone.  Could you name a few?