NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help

So, I just picked up an NAD M10 Player.  I have a Crap Ton of Hi-Res FLAC/DSD stored on my LG V50 phone.  How do I access my music?  I don't use streaming services.  I have searched all over The Bluesound site and combed through the FAQ's.  I sent a support request to Bluesound and NAD, but it's been two days and no replies yet.  I have Googled the crap out of this but can't find and answers.  Please help.
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Congrats on getting the M10!  How does it sound for music that you have been able to play?  Meeting your expectations?
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I have the same LG phone.  I connected it to my preamp through one of those minijack cables from AudioQuest.  It sounds fine.  If you want to wirelessly steam from the phone you need something like AirPlay or Bluetooth.
Airplay is an Apple thing, so not supported on the LG v50.  Bluetooth AptX only supports up to 24/96.  So, that means my Hi-res gets down sampled; not acceptable.    Bluetooth has a  max range of 30 feet.  

There are many wifi streaming devices, such as SONOS, Play-Fi, ect,; it's a long list and I don't know them all.

I have multiple Play-Fi devices that support up to 24/192, but was looking for something more "Audiophile" for the Office.  That was my motivation for choosing the M10 because it supports 24/192, DSD and has room correction to boot.  Unfortunately, BluOS pulled the streaming music from your phone function for security reasons.

The DAC in the V50 is very good.  The output amplifier is just OK. I don't want to "hard wire" my phone to my amplifier because I use it for other things such as making calls, email, texting and general wasting of time.

BTW, they make Bluetooth receivers that you could plug into your preamp and get rid of the wire.  However, this might not sound as good as hard wiring.

Finally, I do have a dedicated music server, but I'm trying to get rid of it.  I'm the only one here that listens to music seriously, so no reason to have it anymore if the phone acts as a server.  Also, one less thing to maintain.