NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help

So, I just picked up an NAD M10 Player.  I have a Crap Ton of Hi-Res FLAC/DSD stored on my LG V50 phone.  How do I access my music?  I don't use streaming services.  I have searched all over The Bluesound site and combed through the FAQ's.  I sent a support request to Bluesound and NAD, but it's been two days and no replies yet.  I have Googled the crap out of this but can't find and answers.  Please help.

OP, we are an NAD dealer and we don't think you can access files from your phone on the Blue Sound OS 

There is a network share tab.

Perhaps you can upload your files to a NAS drive you can access those files that way.

Another much lower sound quality option is to stream APT X Blu Tooth. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ NAD dealers
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Congrats on getting the M10!  How does it sound for music that you have been able to play?  Meeting your expectations?
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