NAD M-15 vs Emotiva umc-200

What do you guys think of this comparison? I currently have the NAD M-15 but I'm thinking of switching to the Emotiva umc-200 for the latest features but I do not want to loose sound quality. I need some advice from those that may be familiar with both pieces. Thanks!

We were using a Denon 2808CI HT receiver as a pre/pro only. It was replaced by the Emotiva UMC-200. Sonically, the UMC-200 was a significant improvement.

It has more clarity, separation and the center channel much better and vocals more coherent. Ease of set up and navigation, superb. There was a lip-sync issue with the Oppo 103 3D Bluray player and the UMC-200. If you buy, make sure your unit has the lasted firmware update. Our firmware was just updated in Tennessee at no cost.

The apps are great like Netflix, Vudu, MLB, etc.
Great Customer service.