NAD dvd-the new one vs Pionner Elite 37

does any one have experience with this piece. i can't get one for home demo. i want dvd for under $1000. my krell dsp is 6 years old ie old technology. i would like to also play cd's. my rig is now strickly 2 channel--CJtubes into krell amp&B&W-802-III-music is more import than video to me. i'm considering adding some sort of home theater processor through the CJ-pv11-tape moniter loop the Nackamichi-dvd also imressed me-no home demo permitted. calf sound ,model 20--geart sound/top picture, but $2500. any one know the pioneer elite 37--new item as to sound quality and picture--i like the idea of progressive scan and what it looks like on the right set. i can buy this for $800. but i cannot compair it with the NAD nor the Nckamichi. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about a Pioneer 434DVD (has progressive scan) for $300, driving a BelCanto ($1300) or Perpetual Tech ($700) DAC?
Read bros in Charleston, SC carries CAL, NAD, and Nakamichi, I've dealt with them many times and they are great people. they may be able to help you sort it out. 843-723-7276. oh yeah, what tubes are you using in your PV11?
The Pioneer DV-37 is worth waiting for and checking out. I have owned Panasonics', Yamahas', Denons'and Sonys' top of the line machines and a Pioneer DV-05. The Pioneer had the most filmlike picture and the best audio. Go to, click on "Community Hall", click on "Your Two Cents", click on the "Sony DVP-9000ES vs. Pioneer DV-37" chat. Lawrence Ullman is currently reviewing the DV-37 and was kind enough to make some pertinant preliminary comments about it. Don't miss this. Have you thought about the Sony DVP-9000ES? It has similar features to the DV-37, plus SACD.
Hi Bob, I have a news flash for you. Go to and click on "Pioneer progressive scan" in the "New Products and Reviews" heading on the home page (left side, middle), before you check out the chat mentioned earlier. Lawrence Ullmans' full review has just been posted there!
unless you spend allot more than 1k i doubt you will be able to beat your Krell with a combo dvd/cd player. I just tried to do the same thing and I was only trying to outclass a Cal. Audio Ikon MKII. I tried Pioneer DV-05 and Sony 7700, ended up buying the Sony but neither one could match the Cal. for audio.
No Money is probably right, but if you are interested in the combination of video quality as well as good audio you will be hard pressed to beat the new DV-37. By the way, where did you get the $800 price on the Pioneer?
to Bmpnyc: crazy eddie, pionner 37 is $789+shipping. both on website and ebay. i'll try to get a home demo on the elite 37. i was shocked at how good the sound is on the NAD with CD's. i'd own it as a top CD player. i can't really judge it's video. i'm using a ten year old sony XBR-32". in theory it doesn't make sense to spend over $500 on DVD and ignore proggressive scan. i'm not sure that i'll appreciate the video capabilities of the elite 37 without investing $2000.++++ on a new TV. if i'm not a videophile, is this really the time to buy a 480p tv. the real hi def stuff will have really price drops in the next few years. today's $2500 36" wega 400 to have cheaper higher def competition within 18 to 24 months and there will be real cable and sat programing available. standards will change. new DVD standards requiring different dvd player will be here. the nad piece is available as B stock for $450 to $550. i'm sort of mixed up on this and appreciate you boucing off what i'm thinking. i just don't have the time and money to educate myself on the video end, to develope the taste to demand the difference. i'm obsessed with music and i'm very used to a higher quality sound. the NAD plays well recorded cd with a quality of sound, especially the smooth, yet high resolution, midrange which grabs me in a manner like my 6 to 7 year old krell(w/ 16 bit resolution). the ballsy-tight low base slam of the krell isn't there, but the NAD is acceptable to me.