Anyone tried this DAC and if so what do you think?  I have an iMac and want to play music thru my C-J amps with Focal Micro Utopia Be speakers streaming qobiz music. I have wireless BOSE headphones also. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Thx,  Gordon
I just purchased one of these and will leave some feedback next week after it arrives and I give it a listen. Gordon. 
The NAD DAC2 seems to work real nice as a wireless DAC from my iMac to my Conrad-Johnson amps about 10 feet away. I will post a more detailed review after I give it a couple of weeks worth of listening but so far it seems to
be working perfectly. There may be cheaper ones on the market such as the Modi3 but I needed a wireless option so I chose this $249 wireless DAC instead.