NAD D7050--anyone heard it?

This is the first NAD direct-digital amp at the 1K price point (fully digital right up to the speaker outs), and I've been considering buying one to replace my NAD C372 and Rotel RCD-1072. I've talked to my dealer about getting an in-home audition but have to put that off for a little while while some home renovations go on--meanwhile I'm interested in impressions from those who've heard it.

I'm looking for (hopefully) an upgrade in resolution from what I have (I'll run my MacBook and Sony blu-ray player into the D7050) while still keeping the musicality and ease of my current setup. Also, I'm very interested in the low-impedance, dedicated headphone amp in the D7050 for use with my Sennheiser HD580s. My speakers are Vandersteen 1Ci, so the 50 watts per channel at my 7' listening distance should be plenty. The small form-factor of the D7050 is a plus, too, as my living room is also my listening room--not the most important thing, but simplifying my setup a little would be nice for the WAF (and honestly the SAF: Self Approval Factor). Any impressions from those who've heard this amp (or other direct digital amps) are welcome. Thanks!
I would also like to hear any opinions on the NAD 7050? Does anyone have any experience with it? What about using it to drive a pair of KEF LS50?
Just following up. Anyone has any comment on the NAD d7050 amplifier?
I had it for about a week. It has a built in crossover and when paired with even a mediocre sub displays fantastic control of low end rhythms. Sound stage is good, top end is smooth, midrange is forgiving. It's not the most refined piece of Hi Fi but it is very musical. I would say the only thing that I didn't like us it powers itself off if there is no signal which is a pain.
The N A D 7050 sounds swell driving the Vandersteen 1CIs
I Hit them with Daft Punks album, easily followed the bass lines with a nice clear black silence in between the breaks,
kept me wanting to listen more. Also impressive was its internal DAC playing classical music with surprising finesse.
Yes this combination seems to work nicely together while being attractively affordable.
AudioConnection Vandersteen/Nad dealer
Thanks for your comments. I like very much the specs but it will be impossible for me to audition before I buy one. Everyone's experiences are very much welcome. My intention, as I mentioned above, is to use it with a pair of Kef ls50s that I already own.
If you order one from crutchfiled and decide you don't like it you can just send it back for a full refund.
Well, I bought the D7050 and am now driving a pair of KEFs LS50. The combination sounds great, although I have to crank the amp up to hear it at my normal listening levels. Detail is great and the bass is pretty good without a sub.

I have been listening mostly to jazz and classical music. It seems that the amp and the speaker match very well.
Tvfreak, can you compare the sound of the D7050 to that of a more conventional amp/CD player combo?

I'm still considering the D7050, but I'm not sure if it'll be a step up in sound from my NAD C372/Rotel RCD-1072 or just a space-saving step to the side.

JohnnyR--I bought my 1Cis from you, and my wife and I enjoyed our afternoon listening to the Quattros and Model 7 with you. Any thoughts on how the D7050 performs in comparison to what I have? I may just give you a call soon--I'm too far away to make the trip right now.

I am sorry but I believe I cannot do a meaningful comparison. My system consisted of an Oppo 105 linked directly to a pair of Bang and Olufsen Beolab 3 speakers with a Beolab 11 subwoofer.

The Nad 7050 with the Kef LS50s is a clear improvement. I am not sure about the audiophile jargon, but first of all it seems that a veil was lifted from the speakers. The sound is clear and warm. There is a lot of detail. Dynamics also seem to be very good. In short, I am enjoying the whole system very much.
I published this question on the speakers forum but got almost no replies. I will try it here.

I have been listening to my music with the Nad d7050 and a pair of KEF LS50s. The volume levels vary according to the source, but most of the time is between - 15db and - 10db. The scale of the volume control goes up to + 10db. Does anyone think that at the levels I am listening I am risking clipping and damage to my speakers? Or is there a reasonable reserve of power to avoid clipping?
Bought a unit, never worked, turns itself of after 2 minutes. NAD warranty is not covering as I moved to another country. NAD has absolutly arrogant and unhelpfull "customer service staff" telling me not to use a screw driver as otherwise the guarantee is void !! No help from local NAD dealer, they first want to see money before they are even willing to look at the unit. Spend more than 700 € with shipping for a piece of crap! NAD -never again, stay away, company policy leaves you with nothing but scrap metal !! They state: Quote -primarily the warranty is based on the fact that with electrical goods there are individual local safety requirements, regulations, conditions and trade practices that need to be met. -unquote .. In my case the unit is not working at all, it has nothing to do with local safety requierements etc. But NAD is telling me tough cookies, send the unit back to where you bought it --to my expense as the local dealer isn t interested at all in carring for a customer. Crap ! The finish quality is bad as well: The two knobs (Volume, Select) are made of plastic, wobbeling around on their achsels and the side finish of the unit is made of a rubberish substance which leaves your finger prints on it when touched. All in all : First and last NAD piece I bought.
Coming back to this thread just to say that the d7050 is a jewel. The sound is very transparent with great dynamics. I couldn't be happier having them driving my Kef LS50s.
Do you have any issues with it powering itself down because it was made to be green....this function was so annoying and I was not able to fix it even with the firm ware update. Nice amp other wise. Liked its use of the Hypex boards much better than than the Rogue Sphinx which was very neutral but not very refined, tad bright, and not very musical for my tastes. The Nad had more of a dark sound, which was more musical kind of like the Nad 356 BEE.
No problems with the unit powering down. I've listened for long times without any trouble. And as you said the sound seems very musical. It is a great match with the LS50s.