Nad D3020/Wadia 151 with Guru Junior/Amphion 510?

Hello everyone.

I am looking to get a new desktop setup.
I am thinking of getting either the Guru Juniors or Amphion Helium 510s. Both of these seem to be happy placed close to a wall and are generally musical.

But i am confused about the amp. Since this is a small desktop setup so i want to go with a small amp with an onboard dac. Hence i have shortlisted the new NAD D3020 or Wadia 151(used/demo)?

I dont really have an option to audition the amps hence i need help from you all. I want to know which amp will pair better with which speaker.

And secondly, Both speakers are rated at around 86db will theses amp be able to drive them to mid to high volumes?

If you guys have any other suggestions for a desktop setup please let me know, my budget is around $1500 for the whole thing.
I would go with the KEF LS50s and something like the Emotiva Mini-X amp. This gives you world-class speakers driven by a very capable integrated amp ($169 on sale) with enough grunt to drive them at *loud* levels...

Emotiva Amp:

KEF Speakers:

NOTE: The KEF speakers have an MSRP of $1499/pr.. I have seen them for less than $900/pr. - shop around...

Thanks. Ill try to look for the Kef at a low price.
Meanwhile ill continue to look at these.
got the nad d3020 for tv watching . Have used it to drive 83db electrostats and proac floorstanders . What a mighty 30 watts ! . Sound is very good . A giant killer indeed .
I have the Nad D7050 and don't see a huge jump in sound quality over the much cheaper Nuforce Icon which I also have. I think the class d digital amps are fantastic in regards to there ability to control bass at low to moderate levels even if there watt out put is only 30.
Thanks for your response.
I have ordered a demo NAD 3020.
Got a good deal, now will take it around and look for speakers for the desk.