NAD D3020 vs NuForce DDA-100

Has anyone been able to compare these two amps or listen to one or the other? Impressions? I have one dealer pushing the NuForce & another pushing the NAD saying the NuForce may be too bright. I haven't been able to listen to either and don't think I'll be able to listen to the NuForce. Thoughts?
Fwiw I've got a DDA running in a second system. It's driving a pair of Harbeth P3esr's. It does a decent job on them and is competitive with a Musical Fidelity M3 integrated I used to have. On kef ls50's the DDA didn't handle them as well as the mufi. Overall it's a nice enough little amp for its price. Haven't heard the NAD though so I can't make that comparison. Sorry I can't tell you more, hopefully others will chime in.
I have the NuForce in a second system, driving modified Klipsch Forte II's. They have the Ti tweeters & mids and modified crossovers. The Fortes can easily sound bright/harsh and have with a couple of ss integrateds. I can assure you, that's NOT the case with the NuForce. I find the NuForce to be smooth & detailed, with great low end control.

Can't comment on the NAD, as I haven't heard it.
Thanks for the comments. I'm checking out the NAD tomorrow but won't be able to hear the NuForce unless I buy and demo it myself. How long did you find was the "break-in" time for the NuForce?
Hi Skoorb824,

Break in wasn't too bad for me on the DDA. I think it was pretty settled in after about 50 hours of being on.