NAD classic power amps good, great or mediocre

I wondering if the current NAD power amps (classic series)
can stand up and give out with really good pre-amplification??

I've read a few places where people use these to very good result with pre's that are in a different class than NAD's own.

Comments welcome.

I'm looking for some good ss amplification like what an Accuphase P-300 might bring,I like that kind of sound.

The old 3150s (integrated amp) and 2150s (power amp) were terrific amps, especially when bridged. I had a 3150 and a 2150 in briodged mode and those amps kicked serious ass...

I have owned a few NAD power amps and never liked them.The Power Envelope ones like the 2200 sound especially poor-good bass amps but very 2D sounding.A shame because the preamps are excellent.The 1155 that was sold with the 2200 power amp was superb and came with a killer phono stage.

It would take an exceptional amp regardless of age to sound better than an Accuphase P300.[I own one and have had all sorts of modern SS amps that do not come close]
Only modern tube amps will do that.

For not much money you can buy a Ming Da EL 34 A/B tube amp which is a brilliant allround amplifier.
I think that you do get a good bang for your buck from NAD and Rotel.
I have used both of these with better pre-amps and they are worth the money used. Look at a used NAD C-270. Great bang for your buck. I agree that the Accuphase will be better.......cleaner and more musical.
I do have sales feedback on this site. I have experimented
with a few.
Make sure you have a good source!
I took a 2200PE and remove the horrible hard wired stock power cord and connected a good power cable to the transformer primary. I plugged it into and used the Monster Powers switched outlet as the on/off switch. That really improved things.

Still its just a "decent" amp and a good value. Nothing to write home about.

I bought new in 86-7 a 2200 and the 1155 preamp.All I drove were Bose 901's for a couple years.Then I brought home a few different speakers like these big ADS and some Yamaha NS10M and something else.One day I brought home a Nakamichi CA5 preamp and it was like a blanket was lifted off the speakers.Then I went to Threshold,Levinson,Bryston etc.I would not go far to get these particular models.Everyone here has their own story,so good luck and MC,Bob
How much do you want to spend? That will help determine the best bang for your buck.

NAD will work in the more modern era......5 years or newer.

What is your source (cd player, server, etc.)?

And if you let this community know your budget.....they can help. I have had amps from $400-$4000.
I'm going to spend my money refurbishing my P-300
Thanks for the input everyone.