NAD CD Player - C521, C541Which one?

I am considering purchasing one of these models. Can anyone give some advice on which one to purchase? What are the difference(s) between the two? Thanks.
Hello Stbhorn,

The main difference between the NAD C521 and C541 are:
1) Burr-Brown S-D 24bit digital to analog convert
2) HDCD compatible
3) VFL display
4) Metal film resistor and stackfoil capacitors\
5) Up to 20 track programing
6) NAD Link
As for the actual difference in sound quality the NAD C541 does sound more smoother and detailed. About a 10% to 20%increase depending on your system.

Good Luck, Please also visit our website for more information:

Depending on your budget both are very nice products at their price points but if you can swing the 541 get it!
Thanks for the advice!
I totally agree
if you can swing for the c-541 -- do it
it is a wonderful unit

Where can I pick one up at a good price, new or used?
The C541 is the route to go. It'll sound great. I own a C540 and found that it is prone to skipping though. At times this is frustrating and no amount of damping or isolating will fix the problem. It could be this unit only, maybe I got the one lemon. One other thing, you'll need a pair of good copper cables to control the tizziness of the high end. I switched from Audioquest to Cardas and found that fixed the problem. I believe that the C540 is identical except for the HDCD and the playing of CDR etc. Not entirely sure. Good luck.
buy it at they are a great company, i got my C-370 there and was the best online shopping i ever had, BTW great post because i am pondering the exact same thing. but i am also thinking of the Cambridge audio D300SE. I highly reccomend yawa though, if i buy my nad cdp that will be where at.

And no i dont work for them :D