nad c720bee zone 2

I'm trying to hook up my old 7250 with my new C720BEE Zone 2 but have not been successful. I pulled the bridging pins out of the 7250 and connected the Main In to the Zone 2 out of the C720 but nothing-

what am I doing wrong?


I'm pretty sure the Zone 2 output is just a glorified record-out.

Make sure one of the little green LED's is lit around the Zone 2 knob on the front of your c720bee, as the zone function turns itself off when the amp's off, and you need to 'wake it up' by moving that knob, or using the extra little remote they give you.
thanks Carl-
yes, the light was one but I didn't rotate the knob to "wake it up"...the light comes on whenever I turn the unit on.
I was told that with this zone 2 I could be playing any source from my 720 in another room (via sep. amp) while I was listening to another source in my main room.
this was a feature I was hoping to take advantage of...
I'll try the toggle tonight
I've never used the zone 2 on my 720, except once when I briefly used it to send audio to a subwoofer.

I mentioned the green led's because mine stay off unless I turn that zone 2 dial to 'wake it up'. I think that was after I turned the zone 2 off using that little remote they give you.

You should be able to send any source connected to your 720 to your second room using that zone 2 function, regardless of what you're listening to in your main room; let me know how you go, as I'm interested myself!
still no luck last night-
the 7250 works fine on it's own (just no tuner preset memory for more than a few days=capacitor issue);

it's got to be a simple fix but I've been unable to solicit any replies from anybody at this point.

little remote? the remote I got with my 720 is huge- and very valuable- so cool to operate the unit and my cd player from anywhere in our great room. it's a SR6 model.
but maybe something is on it that I haven't looked into yet.

You must have bought yours more recently, as my main remote is the SR5. Mine also came with a tiny remote (ZR3) which allows you to control the second zone from another room using a remote IR sender. This mini remote turns my zone 2 on and off.
Thanks Carl-
I'm looking into whether that ZR3 is supposed to be included with my unit- and whether or not it's mandatory for
the Zone 2 to function properly.
Thanks much for bringing this to my attention!